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The Clean Burn model SunFire100 is a portable radiant heater producing 135,000 BTU/HR on low and 154,000 BTU/HR on high. The rugged all steel frame allows the SunFire100 to be used in a variety of work spaces including construction sites, agricultural applications, sporting events, automotive repair facilities and many other uses. The SunFire100 will warm objects and people to provide an efficient, portable heat source.


Minimum BTU/hr:

Maximum BTU/hr:

Maximum Oil Consumption:

Oil Flow Rate:



Approx. Weight (Empty Tank):

Approx. Weight (Full Tank):

Power Requirement:





135,000 (35kW)

154,000 (42kW)

1.10 GPH (4.1 L/h)

Low .97 GPH, High 1.1 GPH

Diesel, #2 fuel oil

33"L x 25.5"W x 38.5"H

181 lbs (82 kg)

307 lbs (139 kg)

120V 2A 60HZ




* Values indicated above are nominal. Actual values will vary depending on fuel and installation.

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